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Mailgun Bounces

Fetches the list of bounces.

Mailgun Add Bounce

Adds a permanent bounce to the bounces table. Updates the existing record if already here.

Mailgun Delete Bounce

Clears a bounce event.

Mailgun Bounce

Fetches a single bounce event by a given email address. This is useful to check if a given email address has bounced before.

Mailgun Complaints

Fetches the list of complaints.

Mailgun Add Complaint

Adds an address to the complaints table.

Mailgun Delete Complaint

Removes a given spam complaint.

Mailgun Complaint

Fetches a single spam complaint by a given email address. This is useful to check if a particular user has complained.

Mailgun Lists

Returns a list of mailing lists under your account.

Mailgun Create List

Creates a new mailing list.

Mailgun Delete List

Deletes a mailing list.

Mailgun List

Returns a single mailing list by a given address.

Mailgun Update List

Update mailing list properties, such as address, description or name

Mailgun List Members

Fetches the list of mailing list members.

Mailgun List Member

Retrieves a mailing list member.

Mailgun Posts Mime Message

Posts a message in MIME format. Note: you will need to build a MIME string yourself. Use a MIME library for your programming language to do this. Pass the resulting MIME string as message parameter.

Mailgun Send Message

Sends a message by assembling it from the components. Note that you can specify most parameters multiple times, HTTP supports this out of the box. This makes sense for parameters like cc, to or attachment.

Mailgun Message

Gets a message.

Mailgun Routes

Fetches the list of routes. Note that routes are defined globally, per account, not per domain as most of other API calls.

Mailgun Add Route

Creates a new route.

Mailgun Delete Route

Deletes a route based on the id.

Mailgun Route

Returns a single route object based on its ID.

Mailgun Updates Route

Updates a given route by ID.

Mailgun Stats

Returns a list of event stat items. Each record represents counts for one event per one day.

Mailgun Delete Tag

Deletes all counters for particular tag and the tag itself.

Mailgun Unsubscribes

This API allows you to programmatically download the list of recipients who have unsubscribed from your emails.

Mailgun Add to unsubscribe list.

Adds address to unsubscribed table.

Mailgun Delete Unsubscribe

Removes an address from the unsubscribes table. Address defines which events to delete.

Mailgun Unsubscribe

Retreives a single unsubscribe record. Can be used to check if a given address is present in the list of unsubscribed users.

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